Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Post #0222 - YESS! RV-is-bz

Dear Earthlings, 

After having a nak-tanak thought for almost six months, I finally got myself a brand new laptop! Muahahaha!
A big deal for me because I have been contemplating between : 

a) i5 -vs- i7
b) 128 GB -vs- 256 GB 
and the list goes on. 

Since the specs that I wanted are not on the shelf, it has to be customade and the order can only be done via online. So I contacted the helpline and have spoken to its personnel. Ding dong here and there, I finally have decided which one I wanted,  whereby the additional cost I have to top up is around RM1.8k. 

I was ready to proceed with the order, until the personnel said that I have to surrender my credit card number and its cvv so he can process my order (managed to get FREE magic mouse). 

Pulak dahhhh.. Afraid of fraud etc,  I decided not to proceed even though the website is legit.
According to him, if I order via online personally I will not get freebies. 
So I passed. 

Wanted to do online purchase but the problem that I have now is the delivery address. Should I receive the delivery at the office or at home? hmm.. Tough choice. 

Anyways, I have been sitting on the order for almost 2 months until yesterday, the BlueCompany IT guy send out an email informing that they will shut down the email site that I have been using on this coming December. 

That's it. 
By hook or crook, kena jugak beli laptop so the IT guy can transfer all my email folders in my laptop. 

GadgetGeek said that no point for me to spend so much for a laptop because lifespan for technology is max 2-3 years. Because of his advise, I went straight to the shop and got myself a basic laptop. 
The purchase was done in less than 2 minutes. 

I just asked the shop whether they have any stock for the intended model. Once they confirmed, I quickly walked to the counter and walllahhhhh.. the laptop is mineeeeeee!! Mineeeee!!!!

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