Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Post #0275 - Mid Ramadhan

Dear Earthlings,

How time flies! We are now approaching the mid of Ramadhan, which means we have approximately two more weeks before Raya! 

No excuse for me, as this year we are going back to Alor Setar for Raya. Didn't spend much on Raya clothing for me and GadgetGeek. We just rotate which ever that it is already in our closet, except for the kids. 

Bought 2 + 2 metres and asked my mom to jahit baju kurung for Youngster #1. Rezeki budak budak, my mom top up another 4 pasang baju kurung for her, making the total of 6 baju kurung. Bila masa nak pakai pon tak tau. My mom used to jahit our baju sekolah, baju raya.. shoulder bag.. curtain.. you name it.. crochet, cross stitch.. kacang goreng je. 
Now, jahit untuk cucu pulak. 

Same goes to Youngster #2. Asked my mom to jahit. 
But since this is her first time sewing a baju melayu johor, she asked me to take the measurement and cut on the paper so later she can potong kain.
So tawakal je lah apa nak jadi. Cantik or not, doesn't matter. 
Total pieces nak kena amik measurement - body, side, sleeves, pockets, neck line, and also for the pants. 

What else.. 
House chores.. Oh no! Don't let me start on the chores (again)! Can we just leave it alone please. 

Anyways, nothing much happening around us except that the BlueCompany have promoted me to another level. Alhamdulillah, though on a second thought, I feel like maintaining the current position. Simply because, with great power comes a great responsibility. Yeah. .. great lah sangat. 
Haip! Tak boleh komplen banyak sangat.. nanti tak bersyukur pulak. 
(Mostly because takot sangat kepala kena pancung)

Our new residence.. still maintain status quo. 
The house still not complete 100%, issues macam wireman balik kampung. Janji nak datang next week (that was 3 weeks ago) still next week tu tak sampai-sampai. Karang if hire orang lain, merajuk pulak. Melayu punya hal. 
So dah give up to countdown, except that GadgetGeek is targeting to go in before end of August.

Oh well.. 
We'll see.  

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