Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post #0234 - No?

Dear Earthlings, 

Yes, I was so pissed off with bibik yesterday. When I reached home, I was so freaking surprised that she has yet to settle the laundry. Ie : No folding was done. d'uhh. Asked her what she did the whole day, she said -

1) laundry (wash & dry)  
<where all can be done with a single button! btw, we are using washer and dryer>

2) wiping & sorting the Youngsters toys 
<she started to sort around 7am which I believe by 8am she should be done already. Afterall there are just two small boxes. She did not even arrange the books on the shelf>

3) ironing
< I checked the closet and found out that she only ironed one shirt. I believe she just started ironing?>

So agak-agak, mengamuk tak Madame bila balik rumah tengok kerja tak settle lagi??
From 7 am until 6.30pm, that's all you do?? in 12 hours? in 800 sq ft house?

Cut the story short, GadgetGeek had 'that talk' to the maid. 
No voice was raised, only firm. 
Seriously, I never seen him in that position before. 
Madame pon takot ok!

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