Monday, July 9, 2012

Post #0211 - Youngster #1 's School

Dear Earthlings, 

Youngster #1 has moved to Prep School since February this year. She was supposed to register in January, but I was not aware of that and thought she'll be in the PlaySchool until mid of the year.
Alhamdulillah, though she has missed a month of teaching, I'm glad that she managed to buck up. 

So last month was her Report Day.
Overall she is good and secured (almost) full attendance. Has memorised few surahs (which the teacher has listed) and also some surahs that I don't even know. (Boo!)
Everyday prayers and prayer recital, Alhamdulillah. Because every Friday morning, the students will practise their prayers for half an hour to an hour.

Class work

This week, she will be presenting her class for English Week. It's more like show and tell - about myself and cat. 

We are still considering whether to continue with this school for her preliminary or to attend a government school. I think private/international school is out of the picture because when we went my niece & nephew concert recently.. I'd say, GadgetGeek is a bit culture shocked on that :D

Wanted her to enroll a Chinese school. But by not having a basic module (ie - Chinese based kindy) I think we have to strike that out too.

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