Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Post #0163 - Allow AAAs: Attention, Affection & Appreciation : Return RRRs: Respect, Reassurance & Relief.

Dear Earthlings, 

I believe everyday is a learning process. In my case, GadgetGeek never fail to surprise me with new things, like revealing another piece of his life to me. Hmm.. is this good or bad? I'm so confused. 

Well, this year is our fifth year marriage. The longest relationship that we've been in to. As far as I feel, I'm comfortable and I've been myself from day one I met him. 
To me, first rule in a relationship, you gotta be yourself. It's either you take it or leave it.  I don't know about him, but he passed through all the test I gave. If he failed, I told him to try harder - which he did!

Ironically, both of us know how crazy we can drive each other. Don't let me starts on arguments. Be it, small things to major issues. Last time it was the wedding prep issues. 

Then the schooling matter. Now, it's the house issues, never-ending idea conflicts! Lotssss of emotion involve.

So taking next level in 2007 was just a continuation of our relationship. No pressure felt, except that I need to compromise with some other things. Actually, it's more on compromising with the family. I have to know my limit and how to deal with his family, vice versa.

Along the way, we lost a couple of friends and ended up we best friends to each other.

Anyways, found this article on the net.  A lenghty reading but worth it. It's a friendly reminder for me to become a better wife and friend to him. In the end, he is all (and the Youngsters) that I have.


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