Monday, December 26, 2011

Post #0158 - Stranger in the house

Dear Earthlings, 

We took the maid for medical check up last week and received the result two days ago. Everything is ok except she got protein in her urine (Scale : *Not detected/Detected/ + / ++ / +++). Hers is ++ and it is an indicator for kidney problem. 
Gadget Geek asked me whether the maid worth to keep or not. If yes, we are willing to go for appeal since it's not a transmitted disease. 

So far she can do work and can follow instructions. But can't really work independently. 
Initially I planned to keep her since I already trained her and everything. But seeing that I'm the one who has to be her alarm clock (We already give her one, but she always put off the alarm) I might think twice on this.

This morning, I woke up at 5am. Wanted to see what time she can wake up by herself (Mind you, during weekend she goes to bed before 8pm since dinner is before 7 while weekdays is around 9pm).
6 o'clock..
6.15 o'clock.
6.30 o'clock.
She yet to wake up. YES! I was boiling hot. Our deal is to wake up at 6. I was like, "tak nak bangun sembahyang ke?" And of course, I do not want to bear her dosa or what not. My dosa is enough already.

Upset I am. This is the ... can't remember how many times already, but it's me who has to knock her door everyday! Please lah. I have two kids already and I don't need another grown up woman for me to babysit. 

To me, having rest for more than ten hours and fail to wake up early is big no-no to me. Even me couldn't have the luxury to rest that much!
When it comes to grocery, there is also request to buy this and that. For her personal munchy-munchy. How demanding is that?

With this kind of attitude, I do not think it's worth to keep. 
This is the reason why I do not want maid at the first place.

Maybe the urine result is the sign for us to let her go, before something goes wrong.
Maybe by letting her go we might get a better one? (Insha Allah)
Who knows kan?
Having a maid is like gambling. You will never know what you will get.

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