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Post #0146 - A retail therapy : Invitation Exclusive Pre Sales Day - Johor Premium Outlet

Dear Earthlings, 

So I went yesterday.

Free parking

It was drizzling by the time we arrived. (How to get there)
Since it was by invitation (Reality : Nobody bother about the invitation. Anyone can come in and out) there are plenty of parking spaces. 

View from Entrance
View from upper floor - Entrance

The layout - 
It's a double storey building with a HUGE parking spots in front of the building. Those who haven't been to (any) Premium Outlet, (if local) it's something like "The Street - The Curve, Petaling Jaya Selangor". The only different, this place is bigger and better.
Not sure whether it's the same size with Bicester Village, London? Nonetheless, Bicester is only single storey.

The one marked with fuschia/purple is known as the High Street - located on the first floor. While the orange, brown, ground floor (Low Street).  

Oh, do you know VALIRAM is one of the tenants here?
Anyways, I recommend to register yourself (JOIN THE VIP CLUB) on the website, and bring the confirmation email to the Information. This is to redeem the VIP discount voucher. Yes, more discounts! They can only give out the VIP Coupon Book provided you present the confirmation email. No confirmation email = No VIP Coupon Book. Get it?!

It can be redeemed any time of the year and can be used any time of the year (too)! Don't ask me what/how is the coupon book looks like because they only going to release it starting 2 December 2011 :)

A place where you get 10 - 65% discount on branded items, all year round. Store listings - here.


Sale wise.. I wouldn't say that it is DIRT cheap or what. A bargain, yes. But to me, I feel that the price is not low enough (to some of the brands/item).

For instance (shops that I can recall), 
1) COACH. 
I heard that you can get for RM400 (after conversion) for RM2000 handbag (in US Outlet). Here, they only offer 50% less. Purse tagged for RM1500 = 50% discount.

2) La Senza.
Real Bargain. 10 panties for RM50 (great gift for bacheloratte party). 2 bras for RM100. Lingeries, night wear selling for RM60. 

3) GAP
Tshirt for kids - RM30. Bottom/Dress RM30-RM60++. Ladies Top starting RM40.
(Those who are looking for long sleeves blouse, there was none. Only long sleeves tshirts and shirts)

4) LEVIs
One pair is about RM109-119. Buy second pair get 50% discount. 

5) FIDANI - chocolate
What I can see, it's about 20% less from duty free shop at airport. 

Wanted to get a handbag here, but they have limited design (for the shoes too). Beware on entering the shop, I don't know what it is but it is something to do with chemical renovation. No smell, but chemical is spread by airborne, so those who are unlucky (like me) can hurt the eyes. According to the contractor 'the thingy' will be gone in a week or two. So they had no choice but to open the door so the air can circulate.

I bought a dri fit pants from NIKE cost about RM130 and happened to know that ADIDAS is selling a lot cheaper - RM70. That day, ADIDAS opened their shop quite late - 1pm.

Depending on the item.


Sales Assistant(s) friendly?
Friendly is an understatement. They (all the stores) are VERYYYY Friendly and Accomodating! At times I feel so RIMAS!

Baby Friendly?
Wide corridor (ground and first floor) for strolling and play area for kids. They also have Family Room. Not only that, they provide stroller (and wheelchair) rental. You can get it at the Information. 

Muslim Friendly?
They have separate surau located near the food court.

The Washroom (located at East and West of the building) -

Food Court - 

(Disclaimer : I have no idea whether the food court is halal or not)

Hope this helps, girls!
(Can't wait for the LEGOLAND - located nearby JPO to be opened next year! )

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  1. i love ur post! i actually work there part time. 4 someone who goes there everyday, it's not really that big. haha. but it was big to me when i first went there. neways good job