Monday, October 17, 2011

Post #0126 - Big Bad Wolf Massive Book Sale

Dear Earthlings, 

On 7th October, I took a day off just because I want to be one of the lucky ones who was able to grab the hot stuff books. I've been waiting for weeks to go to the Big Bad Wolf  book sale. 

So on the day one it was opened to public, I went to MAEPS with my Lil Sis I after I sent the kids to School. By the time we arrived with the shuttle, the hall was almost full; ironically it was only 10am. 

As planned, first thing first.. I headed to the Young Adult Section to get the most wanted novels - the Twillight series. Managed to grab the series except for Eclipse. Each sold at RM8. How cool is that?? 
Unfortunately, there were only 4-5 Twillight books left when I reached the table. It was selling like hot cakes!

Then I moved to the Children Section. Bought some books and also charts for the Youngsters and the nieces. 

I'd say I spent roughly about 7 hours touring the hall, aisle by aisle and checked out with approx RM400 flying out of my pocket.

With the amount of book I bought, I think it's suffice until the next Big Bad Wolf sale :)

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