Thursday, October 6, 2011

Post #0119 - (the) art of parenting

Dear Earthlings, 
In a parenting, there are always good cop and the bad cop.  Normally the mommies will be the bad ones. haha.. and my case is not exceptional. I think, I'm the bad cop. 

Speaking of discipline, I know I'm a failure. It's hard for me to discipline my two kids because of one big issue - I cannot discipline myself!

Anyways during the last Raya season, I met a Tiger Mom. A mother of three that you do not want to mess with. Nonetheless, I salute the way she brought up her three boys. 

Since the Tiger Mom loves classical very much, she planned that her kids concentrate on the classical instruments as well.
So what she did was, when she was pregnant with her first child, she quit her job and decided to be full time at home. She learned about child development and do comparison on the learning method. 

Snippets, during pregnancy.. she placed the headphone on her tummy so the baby can hear the music. When the baby was born, she started to teach the baby alphabets, numbers and so on. By the age of 3, (all) her baby can read books FLUENTLY. When the babies reached 5-6 years old, she enrolled them in the music class. 
The reason why she enroll on such age because  at that stage, the bumpy learning has already passed (The learning of ABC, reading etc) so the kids can concentrate on the music. 

Everybody knows that it is not easy to play classical. One of her kids plays chello, and he is only  10. I'm not talking about an ordinary boy who plays chello, ok. He's a professional chello player. A member of an (international) orchestra. Wow tak Wow laa kan. 
She makes sure all of her kids practice 3-4 hours a day. Not even a day she missed, til todate.

Her reason on being a Tiger Mom, she does not want her money to go down to the drain. All the $$, time spent, the hard work must produce good result. She once said, "If not a mom who pushes the kid, who else? It's like you pushing your kid to brush his teeth, though he refuses, because you know it's the best for him."

I am fortunate because she gave me tips on teaching alphabet to a baby - which I will reveal in my later post. I don't know whether it works or not, because I haven't started yet due to time constraint. 

On the other struggling side, two days ago Youngster #1 threw a tantrum. I think she was tired and passed her bed time. With no sidekick around me and Youngster #2 was already sleeping, I picked her up and locked her inside a dark room. Left her for 3-4 minutes and checked her out. I will only let her out after she has cool down and apologize to me. Otherwise I will keep on repeating the steps. 

Once she apologize to me, then only I gave her xoxo. Few minutes later, she dozed off. Too tired with the screaming and shouting I guess. Haha

Though I'm the bad cop, the kids still insist me tucking them in the bed :)

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