Monday, October 3, 2011

Post #0117 - By holding a grudge, the burden will get heavier over time

Dear Earthlings, 
I know I bitch a lot. 

But not to the extend humiliate/embarass other people. (Btw) I shouldn't be bitching about other people on this page. Anyways, just for the sake of getting out of my chest - 

I have a long time friend, used to be her BFF.. but I realised I drifted the friendship apart because at that time I felt that she was not being true to me/herself. I believe in BFF-ing one should show each other their true colors.

Anyways, few nights ago she texted me and mentioned that she got really upset with some of our common friends over an overdue issue. Now she wants to get back those who have caused her hard time.

Well, not all people can be as good as an angel. 
Me, myself..  I used to hold grudge to people who did wrongs to me. That point of time, my other half constantly advised me to let it go (where previously I don't understand why he can easily forgive/let go of something).. until one fine day, I feel that it's time - to let it go. *Voluntarily*

I have to admit that it was not that easy, and yes it took a while for me to get over these things.
The moment it happened, somehow I feel free. I don't have to be competitive over that particular person, feel unhappy, bitter etc. Most importantly, I can move forward, eliminate the issue out of my life and make sure my loved ones doesn't hurt.
Like, "Whatever lah. Go the hell with it. I don't care anymore"

Forgiving does not mean that we have to be friends again with the wrongdoer, right? I'm in the opinion that in order for us to move on,  we have to let go the issue. Afterall, it happened more than 10 years already.

I'm more than happy when she unleashed her feelings, until harsh words came out. It's sad because she was not this mean before (at least not to me) but her new side is kind of disturbing me. I believe that she has been holding the grudge over the years until one day she decided to blow up. 

Yes, it's okay to reveal the dark side of you. But you need not have to be so mean and evil. Look down on others is definitely not the way. Not all people are bless with silver spoon. Some people have to work hard in their life while some have all the luck in the world.  (click for Good reading)

As I quote - 
"A 'grudge" is not an actual physical thing that can be picked up, carried or visibly seen. It is something that is "carried" internally, however, it is real, it is quite heavy, and the effects of carrying it internally can be seen outwardly in our actions toward others and ourselves. It can cause great harm to us and others physically and mentally, and though it is not tangible, it can grow and become bigger and in time it could completely take over our lives".

A good reminder for myself too. As a friend, should I give her a piece of my mind? or just let her be?
I understand that she's hurt with the name calling. Instead of making nasty comments online, she should've tell it straight to the maker face. 
Seriously, I feel bad for her.

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