Monday, September 26, 2011

Post #0114 - These are the days that I'm still coping.

Dear Earthlings,
Since GadgetGeek started his latest assignment down south, I think my life has gone haywire. My team mate is not here with me, helping out with things around me.

Early this year I was coping with his schedule, fly in-out at least twice a week. The trip could be a day trip or 2-4 days.  Yes, for every week.

Then come August,
where he has to station in Johore (as of I understand) until October. Not sure whether the date will be prolonged or whatsoever. But I surely don't favour it that much. I'm not sure about some other people, but to me.. I don't like to be separated with my other half.

Things got worsen when Youngster #2 got admitted for 9 days. He was there for the early admission but later had to return to his lab for his work.  
To add in salt, our dryer also went kaput upon our return. Leaving loads of laundry to be done. Normally I do 3-4 loads a day, but now.. with no dryer, I can only do one load due to space constraint (and back to the old skool whereby the hanging one by one.. piece by piece). There goes my 30 minutes of time. Wasted.
The tagline of "Berbakti kepada negara" or "Saya yang menurut perintah" definitely has its own interpretation. It doesn't only applies to the one undersign, but also to his family as well which means -  I also have to berkorban kepada negara, indirectly. Have to let go certain things especially the family quality time, whereby all these while we always be together, at least for weekend. Who says government servant goyang kaki sahaja?

Two weeks ago, he went to Johore (as usual). Considering that his return flight to KL from Johore arrived at 7:30pm and his next flight to Rotterdam was at 11pm, me and the kids had to meet him up at the airport for exchanging of suitcase. 
Today, his arrival flight was at 6am. However, he has to be in Johore this morning. So, he's taking a flight to Sg at 8am and later from Sg to Johore because the morning flight to Johore is full. 

His driver was supposed to pick up his (new week) suitcase last night, but couldn't make it. Hence, I'm waiting for him to pick up at my office which I believe the driver then will drive down to Johore to hand over.

It's pretty disappointing when he's so near, yet so far away. 
Ok, fine. I miss him. 

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