Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post #0115 - Johor Premium Outlets in Johor

Dear Earthlings, 
veni, vidi, Visa (I came, I saw, I shopped)
Oh, I can't wait for this!!
The official opening will be on 11 November 2011
I'm planning to be in Johore a day before that. Want to have a sneak view though no money to splurge. Hahaha..
Already told my boss about the plan, but subject to GadgetGeek's availability. If he's not free, there is no way I'm going there alone!

Heard there will be Gucci, Prada, Coach, Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Burberry,  Polo,  Armani, Canali, Tod's, Zegna, Nike and Puma (out of 80 brands) will be featured in the outlet. Nyum-Nyum. 

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Post #0114 - These are the days that I'm still coping.

Dear Earthlings,
Since GadgetGeek started his latest assignment down south, I think my life has gone haywire. My team mate is not here with me, helping out with things around me.

Early this year I was coping with his schedule, fly in-out at least twice a week. The trip could be a day trip or 2-4 days.  Yes, for every week.

Then come August,
where he has to station in Johore (as of I understand) until October. Not sure whether the date will be prolonged or whatsoever. But I surely don't favour it that much. I'm not sure about some other people, but to me.. I don't like to be separated with my other half.

Things got worsen when Youngster #2 got admitted for 9 days. He was there for the early admission but later had to return to his lab for his work.  
To add in salt, our dryer also went kaput upon our return. Leaving loads of laundry to be done. Normally I do 3-4 loads a day, but now.. with no dryer, I can only do one load due to space constraint (and back to the old skool whereby the hanging one by one.. piece by piece). There goes my 30 minutes of time. Wasted.
The tagline of "Berbakti kepada negara" or "Saya yang menurut perintah" definitely has its own interpretation. It doesn't only applies to the one undersign, but also to his family as well which means -  I also have to berkorban kepada negara, indirectly. Have to let go certain things especially the family quality time, whereby all these while we always be together, at least for weekend. Who says government servant goyang kaki sahaja?

Two weeks ago, he went to Johore (as usual). Considering that his return flight to KL from Johore arrived at 7:30pm and his next flight to Rotterdam was at 11pm, me and the kids had to meet him up at the airport for exchanging of suitcase. 
Today, his arrival flight was at 6am. However, he has to be in Johore this morning. So, he's taking a flight to Sg at 8am and later from Sg to Johore because the morning flight to Johore is full. 

His driver was supposed to pick up his (new week) suitcase last night, but couldn't make it. Hence, I'm waiting for him to pick up at my office which I believe the driver then will drive down to Johore to hand over.

It's pretty disappointing when he's so near, yet so far away. 
Ok, fine. I miss him. 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Post #0112 - Admitted again : Day 9

Dear Earthlings,
Finally, after spending almost 9 days in the hospital, we have the green light to go home. Syukur that the hospitalisation bill is covered, and we only had to pay about RM300++ for H1N1 test and lodger. 
Met the Operation Manager of the hospital and I joked that we contributed so much this year. Youngster #2 has been check in and out of hospital 4 times this year (February, March, April, and September). Let alone doctors appointments. I bet the hospital staffs gonna get big bonus next year. hahaa!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Post #0111 - Admitted again : Day 8

Dear Earthlings,
Alhamdulillah syukur. 
The doctor mentioned that Youngster #2 can be discharged by tomorrow.
But the thing is, Youngster #1 has started to develop fever last night. 

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Post #0110 - Admitted again : Day 7

Dear Earthlings,
Youngster #2 has still not be discharged yet. The IV has been taken out on Saturday morning because the tube was already bended and the Paed couldn't find Youngster #2 vein on his other hand. 

So the Paed decided to jab him with antibiotic. As a result, 3 nurses and (me) had to hold him really-really tight because he struggles a lot. Not only that, it also applies to medication intake and nebuliser. Even if the nurses did the swaddling, he can still get away / get himself out. 

Nebuliser has been reduced to every 6 hours from 4 since yesterday as well as cough syrup.   
Thank you for all the warm wishes, his condition is now improving. No more fever, except that he will throw up whenever he cough hard which happens at least twice a day. 

Anyways, Youngster #2 is now known as "awan nano" by the Paed Nurses due to his hair :)
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post #0109 - Admitted again : Day 3

Dear Earthlings,
An H1N1 test has been done yesterday. It is a 24 hours test, hence the result will be out this evening. 
I'm off for two days from the office; missed my department - open house as well as the Youngsters School Open House. My mom is handling Youngster #1 and I can't rely on GadgetGeek as he's too tight with his schedule. 
Right now he is busy with his latest assignment and will fly out to JB on this coming Sunday til Tuesday and to Rotterdam later that day until the following week. 
Yes, I wished he was here with me but can't asked for more. I believe, that's the least I can do. Concentrate on Youngster #2 and don't bug him. 

Dr. predicts that we will be spending at least another 7 days at the hospital due to Youngster #2 condition. Both of his lungs are infected. Front and back. I'd say it's a severe one. On day one, the Dr. couldn't hear a thing when she checked on the lungs. Second day, there was a sound, but too many noise. The noise is something like you squashing a plastic bag. Something like that lah.
His temperature has been up and down, but the fever is still there plus cough and flu. He's on drip and today mark his second bag. Diarrhea because there is no appetite. He only drank a total of 4 oz yesterday. At times turn blue because of the temperature shooting up.
I read an article saying that 5-7% of pneumonia cases can lead to death, which doesn't help at all. 
It makes me really-really-really worried. 

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Post #0108 - Admitted again

Dear Earthlings, 

Youngster #2 is now admitted. Over the weekend, he had severe cough and on Monday (when i picked him up from the School he started to have fever) There was no fever when i took him to see the Paed on that earlier morning. Sigh. I believe he got infected when i sent him to School later.

I didnt sleep as i was too busy making sure Youngster #2 temperature goes down. By 3am, his temperature subside.
So the next morning (tuesday) i sent him to school with few instructions and told the caretaker to give me a call if Youngster #2 condition get worsen.

I was indeed nervous when received a call from the School. I quickly make my way to the School and headed to the hospital. According to the teacher, he looks lethargic, tired, clingy, cried a lot and at one point he turned blue.

Sensed something is wrong, i rushed to the a&e and i was pretty confident that this time it must be pneumonia due to medical history. And I was right. Youngster #2 had pneumonia in last february - as soon as we came back from balikpapan.

The Medical Officer did some diagnosis - blood test etc, and nebuliser was given to him. Our Paed is away, hence his substitute is replacing him.

I hate to say this.. But this time, i'm a bit more nervous and concern compared to his last admission. I couldnt eat and sleep.

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