Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post #0058 - The Road to Recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

For the past two months, my blood count has been normal, and on the last check up my weight has been static - which is a good thing. 
So my next appointment with the Physician will be in next two months. 

Anyways, I noticed there were lumps under my right eyelid. Went to see the eye specialist yesterday and she advised to go for minor operation to remove it. This is something like stye left-over, and the glands are blocked.  She can't give any medication because it won't do any good. The operation will take around 20 minutes and she will remove it with blade. 

I was given two options whether to have it on GA or not. Without any hesitation, I want to be on GA.

It took me quite a while to decide on the operation date. I wanted to be on end of this month, but the Dr will be on leave. So I picked next week, Thursday to be precised for the operation. (The Dr. only do operation on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  Instead of check in a day before, I mentioned to the Dr. that I will come on the day itself. 

However, I went to see the Anaesthetist this morning. Due to my health record, I was advised to check in a day before so they can do some monitoring. Told a friend about this, and she was like, "Why the heck you check in the hospital on your birthday?"

Great. I totally forgot about it.

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