Monday, April 11, 2011

Post #0055 - 2011 F1, SIC Malaysia - Race Day

Dear Earthlings, .

We departed around noon to send the Youngsters at GadgetGeek mom's place. The place we heading is definitely not a place for young children :)

The Traffic
Since it was bumper to bumper traffic, we detoured towards KL and Nilai exit. Lucky, the opposite traffic was smooth though we'd to extend another half an hour journey.

And yeah, this was our first time to SIC. So we had a bit of trouble finding a place to park. We parked our car at Gate F (which located all the way back of SIC) and rode the shuttle. The parking ticket was ridiculously priced RM50 per entry. Expensive isn't it?
SIC Entrance

Our complimentary tickets were under corporate invitation, hence we entitled for lunch and tea.
Lunch pack

We sat at the Diamond Section where we can see (almost) everything.
Grid Girls marching
Taking places
Red Bull and Lotus
One of the busiest
Our PM, Tun M plus D. Lee Chong Wei
Dashed as soon as the race started

The weather was kind to us, as I expected some rainfall. I'm not sure whether it rain or not, but  one thing for sure, it doesn't effect the race. 

It was definitely a new experience to me, and the earplugs doesn't help at all. Funny thing was, when the race started everybody talked using their hands because all of us can hear nothing but the sound of the engines! hahaha..
Seriously, we were almost deaf when we got out of the Building.  

Would I go again? YES but with exception
Level of Excitement : 3.5 out of 5

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