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Post #0051 - On the side of Youngster #2 health and everything in between.

Dear Earthlings, 

We are now in the hospital. Checked in yesterday morning around 9am. Actually, we were a bit late because we need to admit half an hour earlier. Yeah, this is what happened if we do appointment. We always late! That is why we prefer/always do walk-in.
Anyways, since all the single rooms were occupied, hence we settled with two bedded. Two tags were worn - the white one is for admission and green is for operation tag.

Around 9:45am, a nurse came in, requested for dress changing. We were brought to the day ward and were asked few background questions. By 10:09am, an Anesthetist took Youngster #2 inside the operation theater. We were advised to go for breakfast in the mean time and be at the waiting area an hour later.  

Apart from the main purpose of the surgery, the Paed Surgeon suggested to do circumcision as well since the operation is under general anesthetic (GA). I'd say 2 in 1. hehe
An hour later, Youngster #2 was crying by the time we arrived. Must be hungry I guess, as he was fasting since 6am. 
However, we can't give any drink yet and has to wait for at least quarter an hour. First have to give him a sips of plain water. If no vomiting, then can give milk. Alhamdulillah, he settled with 8 oz of milk before he went to sleep.

Anyways, we then pushed the nurse to change the room mainly because we cannot stand the noisiness level of next bedder. The maid was looking after the boy (the patient), and the maid switched on the Indo series super loud which is very inconsiderate. What tick me off was when the maid said rude remarks such as "bodoh" when she got all emo with the series. And I have a three year old kid with me. Wtf!

By 2:30pm, we managed to get ourselves a single room.
Once settled, four of us immediately took a nap. We were mentally exhausted. Definitely. hehe

Oh, the Surgeon came to see us about an hour after the surgery. He explained that Youngster #2 was in good behaviour. Didn't cry when the nurses attended him in the OT. During the operation, our baby was given gas and once they stop gassing, Youngster #2 immediately awake. The reason is that, the Surgeon wants the baby to be alerted. 

It shouldn't be a problem when it comes to post operation. Roughly, the wound will take about a week to heal. Til then, we just need to apply cream and give pain killer. 
Day 2, with a bit of porridge stuck on his nose
According to the Surgeon, this operation should be done on the day Youngster No. 2 was born. However, (I delivered in a hospital in Ampang) we believe the Paed in charge was overlooked and didn't check thoroughly. What upset us, this Paed didn't care to explain to us on Youngster No. 2 condition until we went to see him personally a week after (this was on another matter). I still remember, he took less than 5 minutes to check and was lack in explanation. Since then, we didn't bother to visit him again.

Luckily when we switched to the new Paed two weeks ago, he realised this (new finding) and quickly advised us to get in touch with Dr. R - the Paed Surgeon. 12 days later, here we are.  

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