Sunday, April 24, 2011

Post #0065 : Exhausted

Dear Earthlings,
Only god knows how tired I am. Mainly, it is because of my job. I thought I could manage the department during my boss' absence. But boy.. Handling more than 20 subsidiaries (with only two people left in the dept) is not that easy. I wonder how did my boss pulled it off.

NEVER in my life I work for almost every day with more than 15 hours/day. My brain cells are working like hell!
Plus, the Youngsters are not feeling very well. Sigh..
Let alone the chores. I think I could lost in mountain high laundry.

Anyways, my mom called me yesterday wanting us to come over. According to her, my dad wants to tell me something.
As I said before, we hardly pay my family a visit though the distance is just ten minutes away. We arrived just before Maghrib and ready for family dinner.

Yesterday dinner was a special one because it was prepared by LilSis I which, indicates her milestone where she managed to cook for the first time after being married for a year ;)
Like usual, we do the catching up during dinner and dessert.

Our conversation mostly about harta duniawi as well as Islamic values. So last night, my dad mentioned that he wants to do transfer of 5 names (number of my siblings) and he believes that I will manage it wisely.

Later, when I joined my mom watching tv.. She asked me whether my dad has conveyed his amanah to me? I was like huh? Then million of questions started to bombard my head. 
Why is my dad telling all these?! :(

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Post #0062 - The Road to Recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

In my earlier post,  I did mentioned that my minor surgery will be done on my birthday, right? 
Well, after one thoughtful consideration, I have decided to postpone for next two weeks. By then, I hope my work load has subside.

Hence, the date shall be on 4 May, but I have to check in a day earlier as agreed. 
Right now I'm having second thought. Though it just a minor operation, I feel so freaking nervous. This was due to my conversation with the Anesthetist. 

During my meeting with the Anesthetist, he asked me few questions, and one of the issue was on taking the blood sample. 
I told him that no need to take blood sample, because I already took it 2 weeks ago and my count is normal. And it has been like that for the past two months. 

However, I think he got upset because he asked me several times on the same question and wanted me to be sure on that (To me, if he didn't believe, he can request for medical record from my Physician. Simple as that). Then he started to bla-bla-bla.. and the only phrase that I can catch was - "You have to be sure. This is matter life or death".

Now I go all cuckoo because of this.
takut mati woo~

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post #0061 - Keep 'em Comin' !

Dear Earthlings, 
I bet you already realised that pictures have started to flood in this page. Initially, I wanted to do some picture  adjustment  (poyo jer) prior posting, but I couldn't find time to do so. Feel sorry for myself.

Seriously, my eyes sore each time I look at the quality of my pictures. It's grainy and blurry. 
As I mentioned before, it is about time to get a new one. We went to Nikon Exhibition two weeks ago, but still can't decide on a camera that suit me. Wanted D7000, but later realised that it is not good enough. Mainly because it is not full frame.

So now, I'm waiting for so-called the replacement of D700 this month. Shall see what it has to offer.     

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post #0059 - Ouch!

Dear Earthlings, 

All I want is -
from this

Kathy Ireland
to this!


Ahh.. how I wish.. 

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Post #0058 - The Road to Recovery

Dear Earthlings, 

For the past two months, my blood count has been normal, and on the last check up my weight has been static - which is a good thing. 
So my next appointment with the Physician will be in next two months. 

Anyways, I noticed there were lumps under my right eyelid. Went to see the eye specialist yesterday and she advised to go for minor operation to remove it. This is something like stye left-over, and the glands are blocked.  She can't give any medication because it won't do any good. The operation will take around 20 minutes and she will remove it with blade. 

I was given two options whether to have it on GA or not. Without any hesitation, I want to be on GA.

It took me quite a while to decide on the operation date. I wanted to be on end of this month, but the Dr will be on leave. So I picked next week, Thursday to be precised for the operation. (The Dr. only do operation on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)  Instead of check in a day before, I mentioned to the Dr. that I will come on the day itself. 

However, I went to see the Anaesthetist this morning. Due to my health record, I was advised to check in a day before so they can do some monitoring. Told a friend about this, and she was like, "Why the heck you check in the hospital on your birthday?"

Great. I totally forgot about it.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Post #0057 - Malam Transformasi Bersama Rakyat

Dear Earthlings,
We were there!

GTP (Government Transformation Programme) - 6 areas that need to be improved. Each artist representing the areas -

  • Improving Student Outcomes (Danell Lee)
  • Raising Living Standards of Low Income Households (Z. Abidin)
  • Improving Rural Basic Infrastructure (Bob)
  • Improving Urban Public Transport (Atilia)
  • Fighting Corruption (Reshmonu) 
  • Reduce Crime (Dato' Siti & Suki)

Announcing the GTP Annual Report
She was awesome! suki
Hands down - Dato' Siti
    The launching

    PM, Ministers and PEMANDU

    Post Concert : Feel proud to be Malaysian. 

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    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Post #0056 - Us, on Not Reading The Same Page

    Me : My wedding band dah ketat
    GadgetGeek : Nanti gi exercise
    Me : No-no we go RESIZE!

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    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Post #0055 - 2011 F1, SIC Malaysia - Race Day

    Dear Earthlings, .

    We departed around noon to send the Youngsters at GadgetGeek mom's place. The place we heading is definitely not a place for young children :)

    The Traffic
    Since it was bumper to bumper traffic, we detoured towards KL and Nilai exit. Lucky, the opposite traffic was smooth though we'd to extend another half an hour journey.

    And yeah, this was our first time to SIC. So we had a bit of trouble finding a place to park. We parked our car at Gate F (which located all the way back of SIC) and rode the shuttle. The parking ticket was ridiculously priced RM50 per entry. Expensive isn't it?
    SIC Entrance

    Our complimentary tickets were under corporate invitation, hence we entitled for lunch and tea.
    Lunch pack

    We sat at the Diamond Section where we can see (almost) everything.
    Grid Girls marching
    Taking places
    Red Bull and Lotus
    One of the busiest
    Our PM, Tun M plus D. Lee Chong Wei
    Dashed as soon as the race started

    The weather was kind to us, as I expected some rainfall. I'm not sure whether it rain or not, but  one thing for sure, it doesn't effect the race. 

    It was definitely a new experience to me, and the earplugs doesn't help at all. Funny thing was, when the race started everybody talked using their hands because all of us can hear nothing but the sound of the engines! hahaha..
    Seriously, we were almost deaf when we got out of the Building.  

    Would I go again? YES but with exception
    Level of Excitement : 3.5 out of 5

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    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Post #0051 - On the side of Youngster #2 health and everything in between.

    Dear Earthlings, 

    We are now in the hospital. Checked in yesterday morning around 9am. Actually, we were a bit late because we need to admit half an hour earlier. Yeah, this is what happened if we do appointment. We always late! That is why we prefer/always do walk-in.
    Anyways, since all the single rooms were occupied, hence we settled with two bedded. Two tags were worn - the white one is for admission and green is for operation tag.

    Around 9:45am, a nurse came in, requested for dress changing. We were brought to the day ward and were asked few background questions. By 10:09am, an Anesthetist took Youngster #2 inside the operation theater. We were advised to go for breakfast in the mean time and be at the waiting area an hour later.  

    Apart from the main purpose of the surgery, the Paed Surgeon suggested to do circumcision as well since the operation is under general anesthetic (GA). I'd say 2 in 1. hehe
    An hour later, Youngster #2 was crying by the time we arrived. Must be hungry I guess, as he was fasting since 6am. 
    However, we can't give any drink yet and has to wait for at least quarter an hour. First have to give him a sips of plain water. If no vomiting, then can give milk. Alhamdulillah, he settled with 8 oz of milk before he went to sleep.

    Anyways, we then pushed the nurse to change the room mainly because we cannot stand the noisiness level of next bedder. The maid was looking after the boy (the patient), and the maid switched on the Indo series super loud which is very inconsiderate. What tick me off was when the maid said rude remarks such as "bodoh" when she got all emo with the series. And I have a three year old kid with me. Wtf!

    By 2:30pm, we managed to get ourselves a single room.
    Once settled, four of us immediately took a nap. We were mentally exhausted. Definitely. hehe

    Oh, the Surgeon came to see us about an hour after the surgery. He explained that Youngster #2 was in good behaviour. Didn't cry when the nurses attended him in the OT. During the operation, our baby was given gas and once they stop gassing, Youngster #2 immediately awake. The reason is that, the Surgeon wants the baby to be alerted. 

    It shouldn't be a problem when it comes to post operation. Roughly, the wound will take about a week to heal. Til then, we just need to apply cream and give pain killer. 
    Day 2, with a bit of porridge stuck on his nose
    According to the Surgeon, this operation should be done on the day Youngster No. 2 was born. However, (I delivered in a hospital in Ampang) we believe the Paed in charge was overlooked and didn't check thoroughly. What upset us, this Paed didn't care to explain to us on Youngster No. 2 condition until we went to see him personally a week after (this was on another matter). I still remember, he took less than 5 minutes to check and was lack in explanation. Since then, we didn't bother to visit him again.

    Luckily when we switched to the new Paed two weeks ago, he realised this (new finding) and quickly advised us to get in touch with Dr. R - the Paed Surgeon. 12 days later, here we are.  

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    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Post #0050 - 3 is the way you look at me

    Dear Earthlings, 

    It has been a while since I last mentioned about Youngster #1. Todate, she is 35 months old, and going to be 3 in a month time. 
    So far she has been in school (together with Youngster #2) for 4 months (and 2 months prior admission to her current school). Though there are hiccups here and there (which we can still tolerate), her attitude towards others are now improving. Previously, I did mentioned that we had to face her drama sometime in January and later discovered that she was missing her friend. With the help from the teachers, now we have no problem in dropping her to school every morning. 
    Last time I was in the opinion that, there is no need to send the kids to School in their early years as I believe there is nothing much the School can teach. 
    But boy, I was wrong! Apart from having minor -ve attitude which they absorb from other students, the kids surely learned a lot of new things which I myself couldn't afford to teach them!

    During my first visit to the School, I didn't believe when the Principal told me that my baby will know how to recite prayers, alFatihah etc in less than 3 months after the enrollment. Today, I take back my word. Not only that, we can see her improvement especially in discipline, creativity as well as independent.

    Like a couple of weeks ago, when Youngster #1 hung out with GadgetGeek's mom, she sang "Insha Allah" song from Maher Zain. (must be learned from School). Of course, GadgetGeek was surprised.
    When I was with her, she asked me to sing along. And I was like, tak tau laaaaa.. tak pernah dengar.

    Anyways, when Youngster #1 reached one year old, I was determine to potty train her. Hahaha.. But it didn't succeed due to my laziness and not seriously. (Almost) two years later, (it started last month) Youngster #1 has began her potty train.  

    During her first week of potty train, she always held her pee (for one whole day, until we put on her diaper). The teachers were a little bit concern on this issue, afraid that it might bring bad effect on her. However, I gave them my permission to continue. 
    On week two, she started to learn how to pee in the toilet. She diaper off at school, and we continue it at home. 

    Yes, I always feel nervous each time she diaper off. I'm not the type who like to do the cleaning. Few incidents happened in a car (lucky she was in her car seat!) (twice - happened when I picked her from School and the teacher let her diaper off), in front of the toilet door (one time - Couldn't make it in time) and once in the bedroom. I think, that's about it. 

    Nonetheless, she will always ask for diaper each time she wants to poo. Last night, for the first time she requested to poo in the toilet. Yeay!!
    But before I could take her to the toilet, she left me one small gift just in front of the toilet door. Haiyaaaaaaaaa!

    What is left now is to diaper off during she sleeps. Currently, the number of diaper we use everyday is ONE! So many diapers we save now. Please bear with us, we are taking one baby step at a time :)

    Oh, speaking of weaning. Youngster #1 is no more on bottle feeding. We wean her off long time ago due to our laziness washing (so many) bottles. Though we weaned her off, we still give her milk. Be it formula/fresh milk.

    As usual, it was unplanned. When I went shopping, I picked up a really nice tumbler (BPA free) for Youngster #1 so she can bring it to school. I chose the one without straw, because I hate cleaning tumbler with straw - Just flip the lid. But when I reached home, I decided to show and impress her with the new tumbler. Then I asked her (Tips : Always ask for the permission or let them choose! They love when we treat them like an adult)can I put milk inside? and she said YES! So that is when it all started.

    When it comes to fresh milk/formula. We will ask her, "Do you want cold or warm?" If she answers warm, it means she wants formula. Cold is for fresh milk, because we keep it in the fridge.

    Ever since we weaned her off, she loves to eat. It gives us a lot of relieve.

    ps - Each time she pee/poo, we will compliment her and remind her - If she continues pee/pooing in the toilet, then only we will take her to Mickey Mouse house (ie - disneyland) :D So far it works.

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    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Post #0049 - On the side of Youngster #2 health and everything in between.

    Dear Earthlings, 

    Alhamdulillah. The insurance company has re-confirmed that they will cover the operation cost. Tomorrow will be the day.  

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