Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Post #0047 - On the side of Youngster #2 health and everything in between.

Dear Earthlings, 

We went to see the Paed Surgeon last week and decided that the operation of Youngster #2 will take place this Saturday morning (Though initially we wanted it to be on April 1st). 
So the last meal will be at 6am, and the operation will start 4 hours later.

The Paed Surgeon suggested to have the operation after Youngster #2 first birthday. But after thoughtful consideration, we decided to have it earlier. The sooner the better. Insha Allah.
Applied for GL, however it was not approved. Hence, out of our pocket money it is. 
Whatever it takes for our little baby. As parents, we always devote our lives to our kids isn't it?

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