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Post #0045 - On the side of Youngster #2 health and everything in between.

Dear Earthlings, 

Eventhough it has been more than 4 weeks Youngster #2 being discharged of pneumonia, his cough still didn't subside. Hence, I could say that we've been visiting hospital almost every week. Lucky that Gadget Geek's company covers the hospital bill. Alhamdulillah. Otherwise, I'm sure we'd to fork more than RM10k as I'm keeping track how much the (total todate) hospital bill is (not including my hospital bill).

This shows how important it is to have the medical benefit, and I'm so grateful that GadgetGeek has moved to this green side. Otherwise, it's definitely going to throw a hefty cost on us. 

We went to the same hospital, but decided to change the Paed. The one we regularly see is good, but we want second opinion and a better one, as the new Paed we seeing is an expert in child respiratory. 
So yesterday, I waited outside his clinic (ard 8:30am) to queue and managed to get the third slot. So, time to see the Paed is roughly 11am. 

The Paed did some background check and lecturing on us. 
As a result, we have to change some of our lifestyle because Youngster #2 have sensitive nose. 
First to get rid the (fragrant) humidifier and anything that has chemical smell (incl. electronic repellent etc), AND no more on the shelves meal eg: cereal based. 

He told that the upstream of being sick is because two things - the food that we eat and the lifestyle. If we can control these two, insya Allah  we can hardly be sick. 

Not only that, he suggested on making home made baby food. Well, it is not that I don't want to cook for my baby. It is just that I don't have time to cook for Youngster #2's dinner. 

At the Youngster's school, they were given with freshly cooked meal - 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and tea time). Except Youngster #2 get twice a day. Namely breakfast and lunch. The School normally give them rice with vege and some protein.

On weekdays, I reach home about 7++pm (provided I punctually leave from office). By then I have to sort out Youngster #1 and GadgetGeek's dinner, chores etc (I'm lucky enough to tapau dinner from my moms). To cook Youngster #2's food will take me another 30 minutes, and by then Youngster #2 will be crying for food. 
So the best way is to feed him with ready food. I know, I'm just making excuses.

I promised to myself, starting from today, I will give him no other than home cook meal. 
Plus, we are lucky that we don't have any pets and GadgetGeek is a non-smoker. Otherwise, I'm sure we'll be sweating in the Paed's room. Furthermore, he also reminded us not to have any fast food, especially for Youngster #1. And lots more advises. Apparently, we were in his room close to an hour. 
So you can imagine how torture we were listening to his lectures. 

The advise he gave us suit him with the Prof. Dato' Dr. title. No wonder people willing to queue to see him. We admit that he knows what he is talking and doing. (Like, duhh!)

Unlike our previous Paed, this new Paed decided to treat the runny nose instead of cough. Mainly because the runny nose is the cause to everything. From cough to pneumonia. We have to monitor and prevent it from happening again as Youngster #2 has the tendency for asthma.

Ditch the puff (that has to be given every 4-6 hours) and other sort of drugs that the previous Paed prescribed.  Stick to the new one (He gave us 3 syrups and 1 nose spray) and to see him again in next 7 days. I hope this is the end for the never-ending cough and runny nose.

On the other note, do you believe that everything happen for a reason?
Since I gave birth to Youngster #2 (we believe that he is one special boy), I lay my trust more than everything else in this world when it comes to the power of Almighty. Previously I do believe and hold the phrase but, not really into it. 

We, as a human wants the best for us and a mother always wants the best for her kid(s). But what if Allah decides to test us?
This where we need to buckle up and live with it

Like why the Almighty opened the door for GadgetGeek to shift to another field leading to having the benefit of unlimited medical claim? We see the picture as Youngster #2 needs it a lot more than we do. Or maybe Almighty wants to give us extra good points for taking care sick child, since we are not-that-good Muslim? We just can never know the real reason, except to link the events.
First it was hard for me to accept it, after one to another incident. But again, there is a reason why the Almighty got me married to GadgetGeek as my fate. (Though previously, he's the type who I wanted to avoid the most) We stand side by side and always support each other. I couldn't imagine my position if I were married to someone else.He is my pillar of strength.

With every happening around me, I'm still syukur upon Him.

As I quote,
"Ujian itu rahsia Allah. Dengan ujian itu akan membuka mata kita untuk lebih tabah dan tidak berputus asa. Allah tidak akan bagi ujian jika hambanya tidak berkemampuan untuk menanggung ujian tersebut".  

مَا أَصَابَ مِن مُّصِيبَةٍ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَلَا فِي أَنفُسِكُمْ إِلَّا فِي كِتَابٍ مِّن قَبْلِ أَن نَّبْرَأَهَا إِنَّ ذَلِكَ عَلَى اللَّهِ يَسِيرٌ لِكَيْلَا تَأْسَوْا عَلَى مَا فَاتَكُمْ وَلَا تَفْرَحُوا بِمَا آتَاكُمْ وَاللَّهُ لَا يُحِبُّ كُلَّ مُخْتَالٍ فَخُورٍ
Tiada suatu bencanapun yang menimpa di bumi dan (tidak pula) pada dirimu sendiri melainkan telah tertulis dalam kitab (Lauhul Mahfuzh) sebelum Kami menciptakannya. Sesungguhnya yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah. (Kami jelaskan yang demikian itu) supaya kamu jangan berduka cita terhadap apa yang luput dari kamu, dan supaya kamu jangan terlalu gembira terhadap apa yang diberikan-Nya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai setiap orang yang sombong lagi membanggakan diri. (QS. al-Hadid: 22-23)

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  1. Keep strong mama. I havent give food to hanna yet since shes ony 5 months. But im planning to make her baby food in bulk(cukup 5 days stok) n freeze it.. Try buying those 2 ounce tupperwares. Can get at fabulous mom at ttdi. Yup, we do need to change our lifestyle. Since our kids inherits their parents genes.....eczema,asthma,etc... U have gadgetgeek to help pull through together.

  2. eNazz, thank u for your support.
    Actually container dah ada, cuma I tak tau camne nak freeze it. The five days stocks, nak letak dalam freezer or just letak dalam fridge? If freeze kan, nutrition dia hilang tak?