Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post #0040 : All these while, I thought we can just pick any shoes from the shelves!

Dear Earthlings, 

Given a choice between a pair of stilettos and sneakers, I choose the later, any time. Years ago, I love to collect sneakers. But once I got pregnant, I stopped wearing it. It was due to kaki anak gajah and can't fit to any shoes. As a result, I started to wear slippers, til todate. Just because it is more comfortable.

Yesterday evening, GadgetGeek asked me to get pair of running shoes so 4 of us can do some sweating in the Park.

5 hours later, I got myself this -

We went to Adidas Pavillion (as advised by GadgetGeek because this is the place he got his) and was attended by Shakira. A very helpful salesperson. This trip has given me a new perception  of Sports Store whereby, you have to pick your shoes according to your foot. 

First of all, the Salesperson asked me what type of feet I have. Her question was replied in blank face. 
Since I was clueless, she took out foot mapping board whereby I have to place my feet on it. After few seconds, when I lifted my feet, and wallah.. there were footprints. 

There are few types of foot print. Hence, it is advisable to pick shoes according to your foot type. As to me, mine is normal. So I get to pick which ever shoes that I want/like (*grin*)

Well, GadgetGeek has reminded me numerous times that the shoes is not for mall walking. Great, he reads my mind. 

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