Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post #0020 - Lined and Lining Up

Dear Earthlings, 

I realised I've been slacking off in updating this story of mine. So many things lined and still lining up for me to run.

February, the month of love is definitely keeps me busy. We spent our first week in BalikPapan, and second (plus third week) in a specialist hospital nursing Youngster #2. I believe we have no further plan on the final week of the month as GadgetGeek will be in Dubai for a business trip (which I supposed to tag along but was last minute cancelled, and my allocation for flight ticket was being replaced with a 50" flat screen. Boo hoo!). Evil spouse.

While I still have the time to blog, let me sort out the events happened/ing. 
  • The BalikPapan Trip    
This is the place where SIL II and her family reside, otherwise we don't think that we will land our feet here. Flew on the second day of February and it took 2.5 hours to reach Sepinggan International Airport from LCCT, Kuala Lumpur.

Filled with joy and laughter, we believe this will not be our first and the last trip here. I also managed to enroll the informal and baking crash course. Simple baking won't do any harm, isn't it?

  • The health of Youngster #2
Upon our return from BalikPapan, we immediately rushed to the A&E because me and the Youngsters were not feeling well. As a result, I got two days mc, courtesy the MO. The Youngsters' fever were gone by the next day. So I sent them to the school (as usual) on the day after. 

Back from School, Youngster #2's temperature shot high up but subside later in the evening. It's been continuously like that since.. I'd say last January? I thought it's normal to get sick when the kids being send to the nursery. I should have be more alert :( GadgetGeek sensed something is wrong and we took him to the hospital a day after - which is on Thursday. The Paed mentioned, if the fever is still there on Saturday, get ready for admission. 
Right after work on Saturday afternoon we went to see the Paed again, along with us is the hospital bag. We were directly sent to the A&E Department for nebulizer (FYI, we've been checking in and out the hospital from Thursday to Friday (2 days) for nebulizing). 

We were quite lucky because able to get a single room there and then, because at the time we request for the room, the Paed Ward was (almost) full house. Then, Youngster #2 were taken to the Treatment Room whereby a swab, blood sample were taken and a drip was given. Surprisingly, he didn't cry at all! Not even a sound. What he did was just smile and giggled with the nurses. (Very different from his big sister. Full with dramas!)

The Paed started the treatment by giving the antibiotics and the fever medicine to keep the temperature down, plus nebulizer for every 4 hours. Two days later, the fever was all gone.

We got the blood test result on the second day which H1N1 swab test and dengue test were found -ve. It definitely gave a huge relief for both of us. On the third day, Paed did the chest x-ray and found that he's suffering from Pneumonia which in a layman term, lungs infection. According to Paed, this is the root problem that caused Youngster #2 been sick on and off.

I was devastated when my mom break the news. (I was at work and my mom was babysitting Youngster #2). Managed to stand on my feet again with the support messages that I've been receiving from friends and GadgetGeek was pretty calm upon hearing it. So now, the treatments are - Nebulizer for every 4 hours and antibiotics for the next 7 days. So far he is responding to the treatments. Alhamdulillah.

It will take 3-4 weeks to fully recover from Pnemonia. As of now, we had no choice but to treat the room that we occupying as homey as possible because this is where we spend our time (for the estimated total of 10 days). Stocked up the fridge, brought many-many extra clothes (though our home is just a stone away) a bolster for Youngster #2 and toys for Youngster #1. 

So in our room, you will see there are one baby cot and two single beds. One for GadgetGeek (and Youngster #1) and one for me, attached next to the cot and many-many toys laying around.  I think our room is the messiest of them all. Todate, we are still in the hospital and have another (at least) 6 days to go! (Praying hard for Youngster #2's health)

We thank you for paying us a visit. (and also Dr. Razak (DSH) and Dr. Soh)

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  1. Reeva,
    not to worries..once pneumonia detect early it can cure via antibiotics...maybe after this can consider the Pneumococcal vaccines( PREVENAR 13 ).. - have to consider too for my kids setback for this vaccines is the cost for the medicine is so expensive..around 300 per vaccines..kena amik 3-4 x depends on age..

    Take care yaa..i pun baru balik dr ber "kampung "kat DEMC seminggu coz my son suspected H1n1...

  2. hope #2 gets well soon. Dr. Soh's was Reyza's peads during immunization months...

  3. Hi Elyana!! Actually, i dah lama nak msg u, but slalu lupa. Just to let u know that my company tgh buat hiring for Pharmacist (if you interested)(at any of our hospitals), and our new hosp will be opening in bdr baru klang by this coming mid year. kot interested or has any friends yang nak menukar angin, just let me know ok!

    Tu lah. All these while, I took lightly je pasal additional vacc. Since dah kena dah mcm ni, terpaksalah beringat. Anyways, hows your son doing?

  4. Thank you Mama Reyza & Hanna.
    Dr Soh is doing a good job. But I heard, if involve lungs, Dr. Azizi is the best.

  5. Reeva

    thanks 4 d info..nanti i inform pada kawan-kawan eangkatan yg berminat :-)..

    my son already recover..alhamdulillah..nasib baik cepat dpt treatment with the h1n1 medicine and he recovers very -very fast :-)