Monday, December 27, 2010

Post #0008 - Crazy Love

Dear Earthlings,

I'm pretty sure by now you already know that Micheal Buble is coming to Kuala Lumpur. Maybe to some of you, it's not a big deal and think he's just another ordinary singer. But to me, seeing him performing live, definitely bring a deeper meaning. 

Browsed through his official ticket website and surprised to see that the tickets are selling sky rocket high! Forget about RM250. There's nothing much you can see from that spot. I'm talking about the RM1089 ticket. Why oh Why.
Can the Organiser please justify the pricing?
Ironically, tickets in Sg are only S$289. Are you ef kidding me? It's a huge different you see. Even if you convert the currency, it is way cheaper than here. GadgetGeek is not so keen in buying me the tickets. He's in the opinion that it's not worth and a total rip off. 
He thinks that no one can rock a concert in Malaysia. According to him, if I really want to go to a concert, go to States. That is where the REAL concert is.
(huh, which I don't think that we are going in near future)

Sigh. I really want to go. 
However, I do agree with him. 
The Organiser should have place the concert in Philharmonic KLCC or Istana Budaya, instead of Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam. Then the RM1089 ticket, would have more value on it.

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