Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post #0006 - Careful, precise, fussy, what-ever-you-call-it Driver

Dear Earthlings,

Well, I believe I'm in that category. I think the last time I had an accident about 14 years ago. Yes, my-fault kind of accident. License no where to be found because I was 17. Hehe.. I crashed onto someone's gate. Silly.
Since then, I really concern of my driving and take a good care of my car. Because I know, it's not cheap or easy to repair a car. And I got it first hand experience. The good news is, my parents do not know about this til todate. Hahaha. I'd to fork out of my pocket money.

But accident caused by others, I had it few times in 13 years. 
After I got my driving license, the first real accident was in 1998, in Pan.dan KL It was bumper to bumper accident. Fast forward, few more minor accidents.
Then, starting the year of 2000 I take the car and the driving very seriously. It's so serious that you can never see me smiling while I'm driving. Hehe!
I even NAG when someone not properly drive/park my car. (Still doing that). As a result being fussy,  my car never met an accident ever since.

Guess what. After ten years being a careful and precise driver,
I hit my mom's car last Friday.
She parked her car at the corner of the porch. AND I blamed it on blind spot and rain. Err.. maybe I was too tired and couldn't care less about the space to exit my car. 
The funny thing was, after the incident, I immediately went back to my house. Didn't bother to check on her car. It sort of like, hit and run type of accident :P The bad news is, my mom saw I did it! Hurmph!
Once I reached home, I realised, my 2 left doors need repair.
I feel so not me. Even GadgetGeek was surprised when I delivered the news.

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