Monday, December 13, 2010

Post #0002 - The birth of Youngster#2

Dear Earthlings,

I always wanted to write but time constraint. I noticed I have yet to jot about the birth of Youngster#2.

Alhamdulilllah, everything went as planned. Just the time of birth has been delayed due to emergency case that came in the Operation Theatre (while I was already in anaesthetic).  Otherwise our Youngster#2 will be born around 1100 hrs instead of 1228 hrs.

We should be checking in at 0800 hrs on 31 August 2010, however we arrived an hour late due to last minute preparation.  Before this we stayed in Premier 7, but this time we settled for other Premier Room due to occupancy. Earlier, we checked on the VIP room, just in case if the room is better than Premier. Sadly, I believe Premier wards are way  better than the VIP room due to furniture cramping the room.

Since we delivered a baby on Merdeka Day, APSH presented us with a Merdeka Hamper. Unlike, other hospitals who participated in Merdeka Babies, they gave a year supply of diaper. How cool is that?

What I can say, after the c-section, I shivered like nobody business. Different from Youngster#1 post c-section, I felt hot (literally).

Well it’s not easy to handle a toddler and deal with a sick lady plus newborn at the same time. Credit has to go to GadgetGeek because managed to cope with it. I’m not sure whether the nurses in Level 4 are getting tired of me since I pressed the button more than 10 times a day. This includes calling them just to switch off the lights. 

In 2008, Youngster# 1’s bill was around 11k. This time, it shot up to RM13k.  Maybe because I had a little bit complication during birth. Nonetheless, I am satisfied because –
  • The Anaesthetist did a good job in anaesthetising me.  Gave me one jab and I’m all set . (Unlike previous – Youngster# 1’s  Anaesthetist gave me multiple jabs). During the operation, there was a time where my heart beat dropped. The Anaesthetist quickly gave me gas and I felt highhhhhhh...
  • The Gynae, Dr. M who is also did a great job though there are some series of incident. What ever it is, I don't have kiloid anymore! My scar is just like a fine hair. Yeay!
  • HOWEVER, we are not pleased with the Paediatrician. Neither Paed Youngster#1 nor #2. APSH is not the place to find a good paed.

Anyways, nothing like Dr. F (who was in charge of me during Youngster#1) Dr. M allowed me to eat after 4 hours of surgery. Blessed because I don’t have to starve. We stayed for 4 days and checked out on Friday evening.  Unfortunately, the newborn  has to remain at the hospital due to jaundice. He was discharged a couple of days before Raya.

There’s a thing about “tukar nyawa” that people been saying. About 5 days after my baby was born, my grandmother has returned to her Creator, on the night of 27 Ramadhan 1431 – 2000 hrs. The last time I met her was during Lil Sis I’s wedding back in April 2010. Didn’t managed to pay her a visit because I was heavily pregnant, but GadgetGeek and my other family get to see her a week before that. While my dad, two weeks before because on the day she passed away, my dad was in Mecca performing his Umra’. She must been blessed because people said that was the night of Laylat al-Qadr. Al-Fatihah.

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